Hello darlings!

Those of you who know me in person know that I am a pretty casual type of woman. I don’t wear make up everyday and when I do the whole thing consists of a couple of layers of purple mascara (I am weird, you should know that by now), a never-in-the-right-spot and totally un-blended blush and some red lipstick which -most of the times - I wear without using a lip liner, so you can imagine the horror picture that can produce!

In other words, I am a make up disaster. So, if you are here because you saw the title and thought you’d find make up advice herein, I should probably tell you now: You are better off taking advice from your car mechanic than me. So, consider yourself warned and proceed with caution.

That been said, this post is NOT a total waste of cyber space. I am here to show you how to make your own red color lip balm from 100% natural products. I am a chemist after all so some shake ‘n’ bake I can probably manage ;)


Here’s an interesting fact about lip balms, lip gloss and lipsticks: Everything you put on your lips ends up in your mouth, and eventually in your gut. So you really need to think twice about the chemicals and potentially harmful substances you end up eating off of your lips.

 You can find the recipe and the procedure – which is really not that hard to do and you don’t need to be a chemist to nail it – in our festive issue of C2 Magazine shown below. I am always near if you need any advice or tips! Click here to go to the recipe page.

 Unsurprisingly, our Christmas issue is filled with festive ideas to help you spent lots and lots of creative hours with your kids and by your own too. Look out for our yummy recipes and many Christmas decorations ideas! Enjoy yourself and you’re yourselves a Merry little Christmas time!!!