Hello lovely people,

Well as promised my non-post weeks are over and you may now resume on reading my all important and life changing, can’t-live-without-them, posts of mine. Honestly, how did you live without them? Ha ha ha, I am back and I brought my sense of humor with me!

A lot has been going on these past weeks both in my personal and business life, including our first year of marriage anniversary, expanding our family with two female water turtles and an awesome nephew my sister gave birth to, a business trip to Germany, and a very welcomed and accepted proposal to become godparents to our friends’ Nikoleta baby girl.

The other day Nikoleta and Giannis asked us if we wanted to be Aphrodite’s godparents over an amazingly cute card from Mollie Makes that included a photo of the baby.

 We were ecstatic over it! We’ve already been godparents to Bree the cutest little girl Philippines has born, which we love dearly, and we just can wait to do it again! But while at Bree’s christening we signed the papers and had a representative to the venue, this time there will be an orthodox christening in Greece and we will physically be there which is awesome!

It’s a good thing I got to finish her blanket last week and was able to seal the deal with it, lol. Little Aphrodite seem to love it and she was covered with it when she left our house.

I made it using Jenny's awesome pattern which you can find here.  

I think it come out lovely don’t you?  

I mean do you remember how it started? Looking like this.

 And then progressed to this.


 To get to today several months later. In all truth the project was left alone for 4 months during our moving and house renovation.
If you are thinking of making a similar blanket but feel intimidated by the task, don't. It's really easier than you think! On the other hand if you want to crochet an easier type of blanket you can find some pretty cool fleece blankets on wholesale from this website just crochet a border around them. Easy - peasy and still handmade!

I wanted to add some trimming to make it even cuter but then I decided against it. You see little Aphrodite won’t stay little for long and the good thing about granny square blankets is that they can be enlarged easily. So I decide to leave it as it is and as soon as I can I will crochet some more squares and add them to the blanket.



 That way the blanket and Aphrodite can grow bigger together. I think that’s just precious and I am very happy to have thought it. It kind of creates a special bond between us and my all so romantic side warms up with this thought.


So, I still have a lot to share with you, but they can wait for another post. Can you? Ok I am kidding, I am not so self centered, trust me!