Hello darlings! Or should I say bonjour? Please raise your hand if you know where Eiffel tower is. And no, I am not being a smart mouth here there are actually people who don’t know where Eiffel tower is! I am pretty sure you are not one of them!

Ok, so you know where the tower is, but do you know where to go to get the best view of the tower? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

When we visited Paris with Nick a few years back, spotting the Eiffel tower became an obsession of mine. It drove Nick crazy to hear me say every five minutes: “Hey, look! It’s the Eiffel tower!” Naturally, that’s why I did it. After all, life is no fun if you don’t explore all the ways to drive your husband mad, is it? 

Nick is convinced that I did it to pressure him to take me up on the tower. I didn’t. Seriously, I really didn’t want to go up there. I found the ticket pricey and with everything else we wanted to see and do, money was an issue. I wish there was a Paris Pass back then to make things easier (and cheaper) for us to go around Paris.

I don’t regret for one second that we didn’t go up the tower. We saw plenty of it from the ground and it was free!

By far the best place to view the Eiffel tower is the Trocadero. The draw back is how many people will have the same idea as you. That aside, it’s a must visit for sure.




 Go down the stairs and lay down in the grass. Grab some snacks and bottle of wine, relax and enjoy one of the most romantic cities of Europe.


 A similar view of the tower is possible through the Champ de Mars. Again, the grass is excellent for a relaxed romantic evening with a bottle of wine while you enjoy the tower being illuminated with hundreds of lights. The area is great to stay in too, and if you need to book your hotel then you should definitely use ebooking to book a place and be as close to the tower as you like!

 You can take some pretty cool photos below the tower too!



 I preferred the Trocadero though because of the incline. It made it easier to snap a better photo.


 I also loved the view of the tower in the way to the Champ de Mars from the metro station. It was really photogenic!


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 Another favorite of mine was the view from the Printemps terrace. From there you could see almost the whole city under you and it was also free! Well, almost free if you don’t count some hundred Euros I made Nick pay for lace undies. The tower is visible and stands tall from there too!

 You can also view and take awesome photos of the tower while visiting other Parisian highlights like the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame, especially if you brave the steps to the top. 

 While visiting the Sacré-Cœur, we stopped to rest and got a beer from a kiosk to share. We’ve previously have bought some caramelized peanuts (a favourite treat for us before giving up sugar) so we sat on the bench and munched away. After a while, I became light headed from the beer (it’s really easy for me since I rarely drink) and I started laughing. Nick, bless his heart, smiled and said “What’s so funny, babe?” Looking at the photo below, can you guess what my answer was?

 Yeap! It was: “Hey babe, it’s that metal tower again!”

 Oh, life’s little jokes! 

I bet it will be fun to visit again with Natalia this time. I am taking my quotes from this post about taking your tween to Paris, for when we hit the appropriate age!

Have you visited Paris? Did you go up to the Eiffel tower? What was the best place to view the tower?




Lots of love