Hello darlings, hello Spring!


Isn't Spring the most happy season of them all? I mean ok I get that some of you are summer lovers and I really really really enjoy winter the best, but even I can't deny that Spring is the happiest season.


The birds, the bees, the flowers and all that allergy triggering crap fill our senses with optimism and our sinuses with snot.





I am hoping that this Spring will also mean the start of my blog Spring cleaning. I have been working in the side lines to move my blog to another host, refresh it and fix the many SEO problems I have been facing. Let's hope that it will work out in the end!


I am bringing new categories on the blog too. Since Natalia seems to be a regular bookworm and we have been binge reading everything from babies books to UNESCO encyclopedias ( I kid you NOT!) I decided to do regular book presentations/reviews on the blog. 


Also, I am going to be writing more and more about our parenting style and the way we decided to raise Natalia. From my struggles with breastfeeding to our attachment parenting I am going to share with you, the good, the bad and the ugly! You have been warned!


Lastly, this Spring signifies another start for my new healthier way of living and hopefully some more exercise too! If you are a mom with a lot of extra weight like me, you may find solace to my adventure. If nothing else, you might have a good laugh!


So here's to a great Spring y'all!


Lots of love