Hello darlings, we've spent the long weekend away and though I didn't really rest (there is no rest for the mums and dads) it was a nice change of scenery. There will be a post about the lovely beaches of Porto Heli, soon!

Summer is the perfect time to spend outdoors, take holidays, play games and ride a bike. It’s also a time when your home may have more foot traffic and guests and that means more flushes of the toilet, taps running more often and perhaps more showers, even. It also means there could be more plumbing issues.

 Here are some top plumbing tips for summer to make sure you spend the season enjoying the sunshine and not trying to unclog that toilet.


Summer is the perfect time to check for leaks. Long winters do have an impact on the plumbing, and you want to be able to take care of any issues during the warmer months.

 Inspect each element that uses water both outside and inside your house, including pipes, tapes, shower heads and hot water heaters to make sure everything is in working order. Don't forget to check for possible leaks near a foundation as it might contribute to foundation problems. It's best to find a licensed and reliable plumber to check for leaks and repir them if necessary. A foundation repair company will always recommend it after foundation repair and will even have it in their contract.



Avoid Clogs and Blockages

Use summer to discover if there are any weak flush or slow drain issues and then carry out routine unclogging with a plunger or auger. You can find each kind of plumbing supply in the UK stores that you may need.

Keep in mind that cracks may also develop in pipes, preventing the pipes from doing their job. One of the worst-case scenarios is a septic pipe backing up into your bath or other drains. If you have younger children, teach them not to flush foreign objects down the toilet to avoid clogs.

Also, be aware that hair can clog up bathtubs and sinks. Either clear the hair out by pulling it out or with a drain cleaning product.

 Check the Gutters

Believe it or not, even clean gutters may be a common summer issue. Gutters play a vital role in keeping water away from your home’s foundation. For gutters function properly, they must be free of leaves, debris and other materials.

 Keep an Eye on the Disposal

With summer comes plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables, but not all of them are okay for your kitchen disposal. Invest in a sink-side container in which you could perhaps start a compost pile and avoid stringy foods like corn husks, celery and banana peels that could clog your disposal.

 Don’t Forget the Washing Machine

While it certainly feels like there is more laundry to do in winter as we wear layers, summertime brings with it a deluge of dirt and, therefore, just as much laundry. Kids spend the warmer days playing outside, swimming, and we get dirty in the garden with all our summer projects. You may even have guests visiting, which means extra linen. And, it’s hot, so we all get sweaty and dirty, shower more often, change clothes and just generate a pile of work for the washing machine.

At the beginning of spring, inspect your washing machine and all its parts. Pull your machine away from the wall and check the connections along with the hoses. Look for cracks and bulges, mould, mildew and any other kinds of evidence that something may be getting wet. Be sure to replace the hoses that are cracked.

 Use these tips to ensure your summer is spent having fun and not attending to plumbing problems!