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I am very happy to be featuring a guest post today from the lovely Natalie. It's been a long time since I had someone over at the blog and I missed it. She has a very special vegan recipe to share, so take notes!


What’s up, summertime people! Are you finding new ways to rock up your typical dog day parties? Then let’s check out these vegan spring rolls for a more refreshing and delightful choice of gulping.


It’s a certainty that a lot of you guys have been through spring rolls this and that in your life. They’re store-bought, they’re a treat from your fellows in a backyard summer party, they’re a specialty that your cousin has brought to your weekend’s dinner table. I bet you haven't tried to make them by yourself, though right?

Well then, surprise! Now we’re having them vegan, and homemade.






Rainbow, vegan and homemade - It’s a win-win!


First of all, it’s fresh.


Yes, fresh, like, real fresh.This dish is just appealing in every bit, and loaded with flavors. These rolls are an excellent way to healthy eating that doesn’t make you feel like chewing crap after cutting out delectable grab-at-hand processed food from your meals.


Except for the fried tofus, the ingredients are all brought in raw. Spicy and tangy slices of ginger, together with the tasty veggie mixture help form a significant recipe that you’ll easily get the knack of in no time. Not to mention undeniable benefits from veggies. Well, you've hit the jack-pot.


Last but not least is the peanut butter dressing. You know it's the best, right? There’s barely any kind of rolls that doesn’t need to be dipped in something. 





It wouldn’t be this much of a hit until the peanut butter sauce joined the party. The sauce is creamy but still maintains the unique leanness at the same time. It’s just sweet, and also extremely flavorsome to every single drop.


You wouldn’t ever regret that. I promise.


Vegan spring rolls recipe


If you’ve been tired of fatty tacos and nachos, then there you have this savory vegan spring rolls with peanut butter dipping sauce to save your day. I sincerely doubt that there’s anyone that’d be able to resist them. Come join now!



Prep Time: 30 minutes


Total Time: 30 minutes


Yield: About 12 spring rolls



Ingredients for the Vegan Rolls


- 15 rice paper wrappers


- 2 cups vermicelli noodles


- 1 red pepper, julienned


- 1 cucumber, julienned


- 1 carrot, julienned


- ¼ small purple cabbage, sliced thinly


- 100g rice noodle


- 1 ginger, julienned


- Chives


- fried tofu, juilienned


- basil


Ingredients for the Peanut Butter Sauce


- 4 tbsp peanut butter


- 40ml lime juice


- 90ml water


- 1 tbsp soy sauce


- 1 garlic clove


- 2 tsp grated ginger


- 1 chopped chilli pepper



Step 1: Make the peanut butter sauce

Put all the sauce ingredients in a large bowl and whisk them together. Remember to stir things carefully to completely break apart small bulges of peanut butter. Make sure they all mingle well and become smooth, then set them aside to chill.


Step 2: Using your fingertips (or a brush) moisten the rice wrappers surface with water.

Step 3: Filling the rolls



Start filling with only one wrapper for each roll. Put the vermicelli noodles at the very bottom, then the julienned vegetables to come up next, and a handful-sized piece of lettuce leaf to follow at last.



It’s unnecessary to overstuff them, since the ingredients already take a long list.


Step 4: Start rolling


Fold over the left and right sides of the wrapper towards the center.





Start rolling things up from the bottom until the end. Make sure to roll it tight with the tuck-roll motion.


Step 5: Serve


Eventually, you can cut the rolls in half for big tables, otherwise, just dip them in the peanut sauce and enjoy bite after bite on your own.





These vegan spring rolls are best served within the day, but will still be appetizing after stocked overnight, or even several days in your fridge.


Additionally, some company to the dish is also highly recommended. Some mesmerizing freezing soft drinks like pumpkin juice or sparkling bubbling colorful soda will be the perfect sidekicks to go alongside with this powerful rainbow treat.


Cheers to the upcoming party season!


Author Bio 



Natalie Ellis is the co-founder of HealthyKitchen101. With a passion to make balanced homemade meals an easier choice than fast foods for everyone, Natalie loves sharing her cooking tips, easy healthy recipes, as well as her reviews of smart kitchen tools to turn the odd jobs into a bliss for the busy home cooks. Follow Natalie on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

So how do you like these vegan spring rolls? Would you give them a go?

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