Hello darlings!

If you’ve read the second part of my post about 5 more steps to a safe and natural baby environment you might remember I promised you a crochet pattern for the teether I made for Natalia. 

Well the pattern is here at last and I can’t wait for you to make it and let me know what you think.

My wish is that it will help your baby with teething pain which is no joke at all! Natalia can not sleep when she is teething (and guess who else doesn’t sleep along with her?) and these teethers really helped her, at least during the day. (During the night I found that the amber necklace from Baltic Amber really does work.) 

The pattern can be found below on our last issue of our Crafting and Cooking C2 magazine which you can read below.


 The summer issue of our magazine is filled with summer breeze and cool creations for you to replicate. You can make jewelry for the beach, boats decorations for your house and cook healthy and delicious meals. 

Find out how to make your own home spa and relax and how to embellish your old flip flops to something cute and new! 

 As for my pattern, it’s really easy to do. There is a trick that saved me a lot of heartache because I didn’t want to use any stuffing for this teether. It’s not the same as my amigurumi monsters. Natalia was free to chew on the monsters too, but it was not the same as this teether that was made specifically for her to chew on. 

 I’ve had some parents ask me about the possibility of the kid ending up eating a small amount of fibers from the yarn. I didn’t think of it as a problem. The first reason was because I chose a yarn with an eco-text certification. That really put my mind to ease.

And secondly I prefer that to the possibility of her ingesting small amounts of silicone or any other type of plastic. But that’s up to you as a parent. You should always do your research and not take my word for it! 

Anyway, I am signing off for now, hope you will enjoy our new issue and get creative this summer!