The Kitty bow crochet pattern is here!!! You don't need to look far to see that I love bows. They have become almost like a trademark for me. It's with great pleasure that I present you today for the first time with my Kitty bow crochet pattern for all of you to make!

I have crocheted a lot of bows during the last 8 years of Akamatra on etsy, but this one is my favorite for sure. The Kitty bow crochet pattern is very easy, has character and is complete in less than 15 minutes! 

I used bulky yarn to make the bow cause I love the texture it gave to my kitty bow and the stitch definition too. I love bulky yarn but I always shy away from using it on garments because I feel it makes me look bigger. I feel that bulky yarn garments are most suitable for skinny people. I kinda feel like a whale in them. So, I needed to find a way to use my bulky yarn and the kitty bow is one of those ways!

The pattern for the bow is free and you can find it in our latest issue of C2 magazine. It's always a pleasure writing and handling the guest bloggers for our magazine. It feels like a little family and I just love that!

In this issue you will also find amazing recipes from seriously talented food bloggers. Aris from Neanikon, you know the food blogger who helped me give up sugar, is sharing one of his amazing sugar free recipes. We are also very excited to include the girls from OhMyDeer once more! Their love for baking and cooking is addictive! 

You will also find amazingly cute festive DIYs for ornaments and plates! Click here and enjoy! We'd love to see what you'd make from our magazine!