Do you know Murphy's law? There are so many things that can go wrong with owning a house, a car, a computer, a phone, or just life in general.  Many times we feel helpless when it comes to any type of repairs, but in many cases, the solution is rather simple. So, fear not my friends.  Today we will explore 7 quick fixes anyone can do.


Wood Scratches

 There is probably a good chance that either your kitchen table or dining room table is made of wood.  If that is the case, there is probably an even greater chance that there are scratches on that wood. It is easy in some cases to just cover it up with a dinner mat or a table runner.  However, you’d be nuts to exclude using walnuts to fix these scratches. Simply rub a walnut shell gently across the area where the scratches are located and then use a soft and clean cloth to polish it out.  Oils that are part of the walnut shell will easily conceal the blemishes. Nuts right?

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Smelly Garbage Disposals

 Nothing like the smell of garbage to wake you up as you pour your first cup of coffee.  If you run into a situation where your garbage disposal smells like an animal died, there is a simple fix.  All you need to do is fill an ice tray with white vinegar and freeze it. Once it is frozen, toss a few of the cubes down the drain.  Run the disposal for about a minute while cold water is running. Any built up food or grease will break away and the smell will disappear.  You can throw some fruit such as orange or lemon peels into it to add a little citrusy smell!


Carpet Stains

 There is nothing worse than seeing a stain sit on a carpet for years.  You try to clean it over and over again but realize it just isn’t coming out.  Until now! Mix 1 teaspoon of OxiClean with 2 cups of water and place it in a spray bottle.  Spray over the stain. And by spray, I mean douse it! Cover with a damp, white rag or white towel.  Place an iron over the rag on medium to low heat and the steam will do the job for you. Now, don’t just sit there for hours and burn a hole right through your carpet.  Check frequently to see if it is working. How will you know? That clean white rag should be inheriting the stain that was living on your carpet.

 7 Quick Fixes Anyone Can Do

WiFi Mac Issues

 There is no need to call the cable company at the first sign of an Internet problem.  You don’t have to unplug everything, dance around in circles, and plug it back in and pray that it works.  People, in particular, really struggle with fixing the WiFi on their Mac. There could be several reasons as to why the connection was lost so it is not a simple one fix answer.  If you have a Mac and run into problems with the WiFi connection, visit and a variety of steps will be provided to you to fix.  I strongly suggest going to this website when you have WiFi service and printing it out.  If you wait until you lose your WiFi, well, you will very much be out of luck.


Squeaky Floorboards

 Don’t you hate it when you are trying to sneak into your house late at night and not wake anybody up?  It is so annoying when you’ve planned the perfect return home late plan and the floorboards disrupt your plans.  All you have to do is sprinkle talcum or baby powder over the boards and then sweep them into the cracks. You can also rub a bar of soap back and forth over the cracks.  That will be a bit of a workout, so hopefully the powder works the first time. And just like that, you can sneak back into the house once more!


Jump Start a Dead Car Battery

 There is nothing more frustrating than returning to your car and realizing the car won’t start.  And, there is a good chance it is probably the coldest day of the year or it is absolutely downpouring out.  In the back of your trunk sits those jumper cables you bought and prayed that you would never have to use. There is no quick fix to this, but you should take 2 minutes out of your day to watch this jumper cable video.  Just as soon as you think you will never need to use them, you will need to use them.  This video is a lifesaver because electrocution just isn’t that much fun.


Pet Accidents

 All we ever want to do is spoil our pets and all they do is pee in the house as a way to thank us for always loving them.  There is a quick solution as long as it is still a fresh present. Clean it up with a paper towel and then spray the stain with a mixture of half vinegar and half baking soda, then let it sit in timeout with your dog for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, sprinkle with baking soda and let it dry. Once it is dry, vacuum up the baking soda. Do not let your dog anywhere near the baking soda as baking soda is toxic to them.

 7 Quick Fixes Anyone Can Do

And 100 More Solutions…

 Listed above are some quick fix solutions to common problems that we run into on any given day.  If you visit The Family Handyman website, you will see 100 common house repairs that you can easily fix without having to call in a professional.  Or, you can swing by updating your home while maintaining the finances for some cheap repairs and updates you can make to your house before anything looks broken!

 The Family Handyman covers almost anything that could need repairing right in the home.  From fixing the toilet to a smelly dishwasher, just about everything is covered. And, you, yes you, can fix it.  Everything is broken down into easy steps that will save you a lot of money and time in the long run.