Although most of us are still enjoying wintertime, it is no secret that springtime is just around the corner. However, with warm weather comes warm weather pests. If you receive routine pest control, your local pest expert can help advise you on how to prepare your home and your family for these tiny critters. Fortunately, even if you do not regularly work with a pest control expert, you can educate yourself about these common spring pests before warm weather hits and arm yourself and your home.

Among the most common types of springtime pests that can be found across the U.S. are ticks, although they are typically found in the Northeast, Northern Midwest, and west of the Rockies. If a tick attaches to you, you are not likely to notice, and the longer they remain attached, the higher you are at risk of infection. The swift removal of ticks is crucial because they spread Lyme disease, and this potentially debilitating condition can cause a migrating, chronic rash, joint rash, lethargy, and partial paralysis. When you spend time in the outdoors, particularly in an area in which you know is prevalent for ticks, make sure your skin is covered and protected completely. After coming back in, check your body thoroughly for ticks.

Although common and not dangerous, flies are a pest that comes out in full force during the spring and summer months.  As the weather warms, these buzzing buddies become more than a simple nuisance and could become a swarm. They need to find a place to lay their eggs. You do not want this to be in or around your home. The horsefly is larger than the common housefly, and in particular, the female horsefly is aggressive and feeds on the blood of both animals and humans. Fortunately, while these bites are painful, they are rarely severe and can be treated with insect bite treatment.

Bees and wasps often come out and are active starting in the spring months, after lying dormant in their nests during the winter months. While bees are mostly harmless unless you are allergic, wasps are seen as much more dangerous as they sting over and over without dying. If you spot bees or wasps on your property, or worse - a nest, you should hire an experienced pest control professional such as Bug Guys Services immediately. Never attempt to take care of this infestation on your own.

Other common pests that you will spot start in the coming spring months include ants and mosquitos. Ants are more a nuisance than a danger, although fire ants can give stinging, painful bites if you happen to be near a nest outdoors. If you find ants in your home, particularly in your kitchen, contact a pest control professional to help get rid of the infestation. Mosquitos, on the other hand, can carry disease, i.e., the Zika virus or West Nile virus. You should wear the proper outdoor repellent, wear long sleeves outdoors, and avoid letting water sit and become stagnant to ensure that mosquitos cannot breed and grow.

We all look forward to the joy and warmth of springtime and the growth that comes with the season. However, alongside rabbits, pests are going to be coming out into the sunshine and your front yard and home. When you are feeling smothered by pests this spring, call a pest control expert.