Texas has undergone some massive changes in regards to how property owners can obtain their electricity. For those in the rest of the country still locked into one provider, Texans have had options available since the passing of a law in 2002, making the market open to competition. This has given way to homeowners and commercial property owners being able to choose the plans that fit them, without being locked into what is often considered a local monopoly.

When needing to get your power turned on, you typically have to call in advance and pay a security deposit. Since Texas has changed its laws regarding electricity, homeowners can now scour through countless plans that work for them. There are a few options available, including pay-as-you-go and no credit check needed. But with a no deposit plan, it alleviates the burden of the homeowner to come up with hundreds of dollars to get their electricity turned on.

Features Of A No-Deposit Plan

Payless Power offers an incredible open for property owners and renters to get the lights turned on without needing upfront cash to get started. This is ideal for anyone that wants a faster, more efficient way to manage their electrical needs. What’s even better is that everyone is instantly approved for service: no more wait times and access to the power you need to operate your home.

No credit check

Have you had a few missteps, and your credit has suffered. For most individuals, and pre-open market, having blemishes on your credit report could prevent you from getting electric turned on, or put in your name. If you were approved, the likelihood that you would have to pay a steep deposit was almost 100% a sure thing. With Payless Power and their no-deposit plan, you never have to worry about credit checks or even what your credit says.

Pay as you go

Would you like to pick what you pay? With no-deposit plans, there’s flexibility. Instead of paying the deposit, you can select the payment type. You can spend throughout the month, or pay at the end of the month. This can help residents be more mindful of their energy spending.

Zero deposit required

The most substantial advantage to choosing a no-deposit plan is not having to pay a ridiculous deposit. Instead, you pay for what you use. For those that are strapped for cash, having to pay an upfront deposit can often interfere with the ability to make the monthly payment for their electricity. It puts a strain on the entire household. Instead, with a zero deposit situation, the customer can hold on to their money and make the necessary payment for only what they use, and not a dime extra.

You’re In Control

If your bill is rising, and you can monitor your daily usage online with Payless Power, you can simply make adjustments. Perhaps you don’t need to run this or that or remember to turn lights off when leaving a room. You can also learn exactly how much running things like your AC costs.

Though electric companies may feel like they need to protect themselves against non-payment, inflicting a customer that already has financial hardships with a sizable down payment, will only increase the likelihood of non-payment. Credit checks, though they are meant to be helpful, aren’t the sum of a person. Being judged based on a number can seem like the easiest way to impose things like deposits, it shouldn’t be the only way. With no-deposit, pay as you go plans, homeowners have choices.