Most homeowners are thrilled to have a garage. Garages consistently land on the top 10 wish-list for home shoppers year after year. Whether you love working on cars or need the extra space, garages are one of the most versatile areas of a home. However, they are often one of the most neglected rooms. Some just throw any overflow they have from the house into the garage, leaving behind a cluttered  .

You might use your garage for storing Christmas decor or keep a fridge filled with meat, whatever your use is for your area, there are some must-have upgrades to consider. These upgrades can considerably change the way you see your garage and increase its functionality two-fold.

Make Use of Overhead Space

A glance upwards will reveal a ton of square footage going to waste. Are you unsure how to make the garage ceiling's best use, or worried the garage door will get in the way? One company has made it simpler than ever to gain much-needed storage space using an area most would overlook.

 E-Z Storage Solutions has various options available, including their overhead storage bins that make putting away your unneeded items a breeze. Overhead storage is constructed with industrial steel and comes in at a 4'x8' area each. With professional installation, this is a must-have organizational system everyone should try.

85% of home shoppers are looking for well-organized garages. For those that are thinking about selling their home in the future investing in storage systems or other methods of organizations can help them to recoup the out of pocket expense while getting their home sold faster.

Don't Forget Rack Storage.

Rack storage can be pretty useful too. For items like lawn and garden tools, having a rack can keep all equipment organized and off the floor. Shelves are simple to install, or you can opt for professional installation if you want to save time and the headache of having them hung level.

There are numerous types of racks and configurations you can use, the most common being a rack and wire setup. This allows you a flat space for placing items in addition to keeping them off the floor. E-Z Storage Solutions also has excellent rack systems and modular hook systems that are fully customizable for any customers' space, needs, and budget.

Workbench and Cubbies

If you're looking for a hands-down, easy DIY, installing cubbies and a workbench is one of the best solutions. This upgrade is more geared toward the do-it-yourselfer type of homeowner, as it provides a work area for maintenance and creating items. It can also be an excellent place to place tools should you need to work on the car.

Workbenches can be handcrafted if you're talented, or there are numerous places to buy them in-store or online. The number one tip here is to always measure before making or purchasing one so that you get the perfect fit possible. For cubbies, you can install these cubicle organizers to the wall or stackable from the floor. These are great for organizing random items that don't have a place or getting something off the ground.

Garage Door Opener-Via Your Phone

In decades past, this might seem like a dream feature, but it is a reality in today's world. You can control your home's garage door with your phone. This allows for easy check-in status, open and close, right from your cell phone's convenience. With a few models on the market, look for garage door openers that work on a Wi-Fi system so that you can check from anywhere remotely.

A Final Note On 'Organizing Effectively

Organization is a must. A simple way to achieve a gorgeous, well-organized space is to zone the garage. Make one wall dedicated to automotive stuff; this is where you'll keep tools and cleaning accessories. On another wall, used for off-season decorations. With overhead storage, keep items that you don't use very often or mementos that you want to stay safe, away from the potential threat of pests and water.

By zoning the garage, you'll find that items are easily located and less likely to be lost. Labeling any covered containers can prove very useful for tracking down things when you are ready to use them. To get the most out of your garage, and upgrade it like a well-oiled machine, consider the options listed above and other simple methods for staying organized, like labeling.