Cotton jersey fabric is a knitted fabric with simple interlocking yarn loops used to make underwear, tee-shirts, beddings, among other things. It gets its name from where it was first produced, on the Island of Jersey. That was in the medieval era. Nowadays, it is known for its softness and elasticity and is commonly used for making underwear. Cotton jersey is also the same material used to make those cotton tee-shirts you love. Besides, cotton jerseys can be used to make sheets and other forms of bedding.

The good thing about cotton jerseys is the softness, stretchiness, and ability to lose wrinkles easily. Therefore, your tee-shirt or beddings will not wrinkle easily, which means that they will retain their good looks and feel for longer. Also, interloping yarns, which are in a perpendicular crisscrossing shape, make this fabric stretchy and soft. All these factors make cotton jerseys favorable for making clothing and for bedding. 

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How Do You Maintain the Cotton Jersey Fabric?

One good thing about jersey fabric is the low maintenance requirement associated with it. It is best to machine wash cotton jersey fabric rather than dry-cleaning it. The fabric tends to shrink when washed with warm water. In order to avoid and minimize the shrinkage, it is recommendable that you wash cotton jerseys in cold water. Besides, you can also avoid shrinkage by hand-washing it and either air-drying or tumble-drying it on a low setting. 

When it comes to wrinkling, little maintenance is required for the jersey fabric. The fabric does not wrinkle easily, and when it does, the wrinkle straightens out in no time. That can mainly be attributed to the stretchiness of cotton jerseys. You will realize this fabric stays wrinkle-free and in shape for longer periods due to its ability to stretch.

Cotton Fabric Beddings

As mentioned above, jersey fabric is used to make sheets for bedding. If you have ever slept on cotton jersey bedding, you relate to the softness of this material. It feels like sleeping in your favorite tee-shirt. Such an awesome feeling, right? Furthermore, due to the low-maintenance requirements and the resistance to wrinkling, your bed will stay neat for longer. The fabric is an excellent choice for children’s beddings. 

However, you need to ensure cleanliness when you use a cotton jersey for your bedding. The fabric tends to give off odor more quickly than other types of fabric. Therefore, it is advisable to clean your cotton jersey sheets and beddings within a few days to a week. That way, your beddings will be clean and smell better, giving you adequate and comfortable sleep free from the foul odor.

Cleaning cotton jerseys is easy. You can hand-wash it or opt to machine wash it, then dry it. It does not stain easily, but you have to be careful to ensure that you do not mix white-colored cotton jersey fabric clothes or beddings with dull-colored ones because that may alter the color of the white fabric. It is best to separate bright-colored cotton jersey fabric clothes from dull-colored ones to ensure that you maintain the original colors.

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Cotton jersey is a soft, stretchy fabric used to make tee-shirts, underwear, and beddings. It can be used on its own or mixed with Lycra (spandex) to help with the stretchiness and recovery of the fabric, especially for underwear, nightwear, and tee-shirts. The fabric requires little maintenance and machine washing or hand-washing it in cold water, plus air or tumble drying keeps it in shape free from shrinkage or wrinkles. However, it is essential to ensure that you clean cotton jersey fabric often because it tends to give away odor quickly.