Are you feeling a little burned out from the difficult winter? Maybe it's time for a revamp in many fronts. Your house, your wardrobe, and your social life they all could use it! Read on to find out, and discover what steps you need to take if so…

Revamp… your home

Our homes are the places where we wake up every day, and fall asleep again. They are sanctuaries of warmth, comfort, and familiarity. They are where we make our very best memories, whether the tiny little ones or the big ones. So why do we accept anything less than perfect from them? You deserve an idyllic home, and if you agree, a revamp could be on the cards. How to tackle it? Not by yourself. A project of this importance and magnitude is 100% one for the professionals. The Renovation Company is just one company which can take on this task for you. Look for companies of this nature who offer the whole service- this means they take on everything. It leaves you to get on the other things in you life, and just reap the rewards when it’s done! I did something similar with my storage room revamp last month. I didn't want to get involved with any decisions so I just decided on a company and they did it for me! It was easiest, I'll tell you that!



Revamp… your wardrobe

Take a break from this post for a second. Go and look at your wardrobe, and what’s in it, and then come back. I'll be right here….

Okay, you’re back! Great! What did you see? Hopefully, it was a glimmering beacon of items you adore and couldn’t live without. You wear most of them at least once a fortnight and they’re all in perfect condition.

Yeah, right! It’s very common to keep adding to our wardrobes but never taking away. This means that you slowly and subtly build up a collection of stuff you don’t wear anymore. Revamping is simple- just clear out anything you don’t wear often, or no longer adore. Donate it to charity for that warm and fuzzy feeling and some empty clothes hangers for once!



Revamp… your social life

Well this one is tricky! There are two major parts of your social life. One is what you do. The other is who you do it with. If you feel like you need a revamp in this area, first up you need to decide which parts needs the most attention. It could be that you’re really happy with your friends and support system, but you just don’t see them enough. I know this is the case for me and my lovely friends. If this is the case for you too, you need to make more of an effort. Don’t say you don’t have time… find the time! Get them involved in different parts of your life; meet them for lunch with your kids. Or plan an annual weekend break together for a big catch up! Half of the fun of those breaks is in the planning. Literally no one has time these days but if friendship is not worth fighting for I don't know what is!

Alternatively, it could be that what you are doing with your time is great. The problem is with your social circle. This is nothing to be ashamed of. People change, you change, and friendships change too. If you need to break up with some of your friends, do it delicately. Find new friends in places you haven’t been before. Try out new bars, or join a new society or club. Networking has become a part of our lives but be careful when you befriend people on line. Sometimes they aren't who they seem to be and that can be dangerous!


So, are you ready for your revamp to begin? What would you do first?