While we're in the subject of houses and tips about them here's another major one, me and Nick learned just in time! It is super important to ensure that your home’s plumbing and drainage system is as good as it possibly can be. If you notice some minor problems, they need to be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, they could cause water damage to your property. And that is a big deal! Water damage can cause unsightly stains on walls and can also weaken the overall structure of your home. So how do you protect your home? Here are some helpful hacks.

water damaged home

Be Careful With Plants

If you want to fill your garden with lots of beautiful plants and flowers, you should take note of where you plant them. The roots of some plants can grow quite far below the surface of the earth. If you sow the seeds of these plants too close to your home, they could work their way under the house. This can increase the chance of water getting under your floorboards. So before you sow any seeds near your house, double check they are suitable for this location.


Fix Leaks As Soon As Possible

If you have spotted leaky pipes, then these need to be fixed quickly. Even if you spot a pool of water but can’t see any sign of a leak, something needs to be done. Usually, you will just need to tighten the fittings. If you can’t figure out what needs to be done, or don’t want to do the work yourself, call out plumbing services. Professional plumbers will fix the problem quickly and prevent it from reoccurring. They might even give you more tips on preventing leaks.



Don’t Unblock Drains With Chemicals

Many of us reach for a bottle of bleach as soon as we notice water is slow to drain from sinks. Caustic chemicals are also widely used to fix this common issue. However, they can do more damage than good. The strong chemicals in the liquids that you pour down the sink will actually eat away at the plastic in your pipes. This will happen very slowly, but it definitely is happening. Eventually, the pipe will corrode away to leave small holes. These can be so small; you might not notice them at first. The first sign this is happening will be a small pool of water. Instead of chemicals, unblock your drains with a plunger or drain snake.


Clean Out Gutters Regularly

Gutters can easily become blocked with leaves, birds nests, and other natural debris. Especially during the summer. If this happens, water will be collecting in them. It can eventually trickle through your roof, down exterior walls, and can even end up in basements. Before you know it you could have some serious water damage and structure issues to deal with! It isn’t the nicest job in the world, but that’s no excuse for ignoring your gutters. It could save you a lot of money in the future! We came close to having a major problem recently and we decided we needed some new gutters to be totally sure the problem was fixed!

It is also a good thing to have a person who knows about these things do a check at your house once a year or so. For us is my father but Nick is becoming more and more confident in his abilities to spot and see possible problems. I feel more sure around him cause he's very cautious and doesn't leave anything to chance!


Water damage? What water damage? Now that you know these hacks, hopefully, your issues with water damage will be a thing of the past!