As I told you on my previous post, when you are planning to propose, there is a lot to consider. First of all, there is the whole proposal. What will you say? Where will it be? What will you wear? That can take quite a bit of planning in itself. Some people prefer to give a token ring at the proposal, and then go to choose a ring once you are engaged. If you would prefer to have an engagement ring with you, this can take a lot of planning. You might need to check with friends or family as to what your partner would like. You could ask subtle questions and drop subtle hints. But it can be hard as they might realize you are onto something. So if you are looking to propose with a ring, here are some things that should help you.


It is most traditional to go for a diamond engagement ring due to it’s appearance and durability. So for most people, this will be the safest option. Some people like me might prefer a different stone, though. So this is the first thing to decide. Would a red ruby work better? Or perhaps even a colored diamond. If you’re not sure, better to play it safe with a classic, clear diamond. Once you have decided on the stone you would like to go for; you need to think about what shape you would like to go for. Perhaps a princess diamond is best? Or how about cushion or oval? Browse in some shops or look online to seek out the perfect style; Verragio engagement rings could be a good place to start.

When you have chosen a stone, the next step is the setting. The most typical settings to choose from are white gold, yellow gold or platinum. They are durable and look great. It is becoming more and more common to have other settings like tungsten, for example. Will the setting be plain or will it have some small diamonds in it too? So shop around, see what you like and what kind of prices you will be looking at. When you have your diamond, be sure to have it in writing. You should be provided with a certificate, all about the diamond. So make sure that you get yours. It helps for insurance reasons, amongst other things.


Nowadays, there is no need to go with the ‘two months salary’ rule when looking for a ring. It is a good idea to go for what won’t get you into debt. So look at incomings and savings and decide on what you think. You could always go for a larger diamond with less clarity if your other half has always been about the size of the diamond. If you know they’d prefer something more subtle; then you can just get a smaller stone and a more plain band setting. You will know your loved one best, so you could choose one for them. A lot of people choose to pick one out together afterwards, so the choice is up to you.