Have you ever thought of giving up your lifestyle in the bustling city and heading out of town to adopt country living? Both have their benefits, of course, but in recent years there has been a swell of people looking for rural properties, for a variety of reasons. In today’s guide, I’m going to reveal some of the incredible advantages that life in the country and rural locations can give you - so read on to find out more.


Peace and tranquility

 If you have lived your entire life in a busy, noisy city, the countryside can seem like the Garden of Eden in comparison. Now, this isn’t to say that rural areas are silent - far from it, in fact. And that is something you will find out when cockerills and country birds wake you up as soon as dawn breaks! But it’s a different kind of noise - wholly natural - and the absence of traffic, factories, and the hustle and bustle of city life can be quite astounding.


More space

 City living comes at an enormous cost, as more people want to live there and space is at a premium. Move out to the country, however, and you will get a lot more for your money. Ask at the Naples Real Estate, and they will tell you tthat for the price of a two or three bedroom apartment in the hottest part of town, you could, potentially, buy a small mansion with a couple of acres of land. Not only that, but the sense of space you enjoy can often be life-changing. Spectacular views, rolling fields, and a sense of vastness all adds up to feeling like you finally have some room to breathe.


Lower crime rates

 Rural locations tend to be much safer than living in the city or a busy town. Crime rates are often lower, and it’s noticeable how different it feels if you move from a place where you need to watch your back every day. Many countryside homeowners will happily leave their doors unlocked because they know the chances of an opportunistic thief passing by are so slim.


Clean air

 Living in a busy city is damaging your health. The simple fact is that pollution from cars and industry is responsible for thousands of deaths every year - and there is no escape from it unless you make the decision to go rural. In some parts of the countryside, it’s rare to see a car at times - let alone breathe in its exhaust fumes. And the clean, natural air makes for a much healthier lifestyle than anyone has in a large town.


Pace of life

 In cities, everyone is constantly on the go, and there is barely time to take a breather. Contrast this with the rural lifestyle, which is renowned for its slow pace of life. It’s not for everyone, of course - and many people will get frustrated by a lack of services such as public transport. But for reducing your stress levels and getting out of the rat race, country living is well worth embracing.


Although it's not something I think about for now or the near future, I cannot totally reject the idea of spending more time in the country side. Maybe in my home village in Crete which I totally love!