Hello darlings,

it often amazes me how much people spend on their homes. I understand the important spends such as security and structure, the bills and mortgage. It’s more the furniture or decor that baffles me.  


Whilst I can appreciate the incredible beauty of a 5000 euro sofa, I just can’t justify that expense whilst I have anything that resembles a social life. Imagine your clumsy friend popping over, you’d be living in fear every time they moved their wine glass!  No, my life certainly isn’t the kind of life that could accommodate luxury furniture. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t mimic the look at a price a little more reasonable.  





There are the obvious first choices when it comes to affordable design, I’m talking Swedish giant, IKEA.  Although it’s pretty easy to get lost in their huge stores, there is something magnificent about walking around their little showrooms, sometimes you just want to curl, read a book, and tell the last person out to switch off the lights. It’s really inspiring and throws up some great ideas to take back to your home.  Especially when it comes to storage solutions.


I’ve learnt that there isn’t much you can’t find online. From second hand corner sofas to pretty oak tables, if it has been for sale at some point in the last century then one day it is going to land up on an auction site. So a great tip is to make a note of that incredible 5000 euro sofa your friend just bought. Wait 3 years.  Buy it on Ebay at a fraction of the price and say no more about it. Certain styles won’t go out of fashion so when you see something you are crazy about, put it in a style diary or make a note on your phone. One day, it could be yours.


When it comes to paint, that’s another area that makes me sit back on my chair. Companies like Farrow & Ball produce the most stunning flat matt paint you will see giving your home this kind of British regal home flare. Quite wonderful! It’s just by the time I have finished painting my home with this $94 per 5 litres of paint, I’m pretty certain I could have just bought myself a stately home in the UK. There are some great companies here which colour match and can even give you an ultra matt look at a quarter of the price. Far more sensible for those of you who have children or pets and might be needing to touch it up every 5 minutes.


I don’t mean to sound like a sour puss and of course I understand why people love spending so much on their homes. It’s not about status for everyone, it’s about having the best and enjoying that great feeling you get in a luxury hotel. I just believe you can have amazing style without extending the mortgage or walking on eggshells around your own furniture in fear you might end up throwing red wine on your super expensive albino, angora goat skin!


Lot's of love