Hello darlings,

many months ago we went for our long weekend at the lake Doxa. My Fratzolaki (the little loaf of bread I call my daughter) needed a warm hat to fight the potential cold. Well, we talked with Nick about which animal hat we liked best and he said I should make her a ladybug, like the one I made here.

For some weird reason, I didn't feel inspired enough to make that hat again so I made up my own pattern and decided to opt out of animal hats for the time being. I think it's because I haven't associated my little one with an animal yet, but I couldn't just make her a bread hat now, could I? Although I already know what I am dressing her as this coming carnival, lol!!!

 Anyhow, I made the hat you see below and wrote down the pattern. Please note this is for a small 3 months old baby. You need to make it bigger for older ages.


DK yarn, I used Stylecraft Special
A 4.5mm crochet hook
Yarn needle

This pattern is written in US crochet terms

Ch: chain

Hdc: half double crochet

Dc: double crochet

Trc: treble crochet

Sl st: slip stitch

Blo: back loop only

Tog: together

MC: magic circle



For newborn to 3 months old baby.


With sage color
Make a MC
R1: ch2, 11DC in MC, join with a Sl st to the 1st DC,
R2: ch2 , 2DC in every st around, join to the 1st DC,
R3: ch2, 2DC in 1st st, DC in next, repeat around,  join to the 1st DC,
R4: ch2, 2DC in 1st st DC in next two sts,  join to the 1st DC,
R5: ch2, 2DC in 1st st DC in next three sts,  join to the 1st DC,
R6: ch2, 2DC in 1st st DC in next four sts,  join to the 1st DC,
R7-R8, ch2 DC around, join to the 1st DC,
R9 - R12, ch1, SC around, join to the 1st SC, don't fasten off


ch2, DC in next 10,
ch2, turn, DC2Tog, DC in next 6, DC2Tog
ch2, turn, DC2Tog, DC in next 4, DC2Tog
ch2, turn, DC2Tog, DC in next 2, DC2Tog
ch2, turn, 2 DC2Tog
ch2, turn, DC2tog, fasten off.

fold the hat in half and repeat the earflap on the other side.


With pink yarn make a long chain of 120chs and leave a long tail in order to add chains if needed. Thread the one end of the chain and start from the top of the hat. Between R1 and R2 pass the chain through one back post of the DC in the pattern and then through the front post of the DC. It's like a ladder sewing stitch really, just pass front to back to the end of the row. Then go down the next rows and repeat the process in the third row and then the fifth one and lastly in eighth row. Fasten off and secure the yarn. 


Then using pink, sage and yellow yarn make the braids at the bottom of the earflaps. With the same colors make a pom pom and attach it to the top of the hat.


You made it!!!


My little Fratzolaki enjoyed her hat very much and she wore it all through last winter. It held very well with the repeated washing but I had no doubt it would with such a great yarn. This year I think I am going to make her a cable hat. I hope you'll enjoy my pattern!