Hello darlings!

How’s autumn treating you so far? It has been pretty hot here these last weeks but today the weather has shown signs of catching up with the season and there’re rumors of rain coming in later.


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.


No matter how much I love to see the tree leaves change color and fall, the one thing I don’t like about autumn is the falling of my own hair. I mean I get it, it’s natural because of the hair’s life circle and everything. I still don’t like it! I am not a tree after all, lol. I like having lots of hair on my scalp and I am grieving each and every one that ends up on my floor.  



So this fall I am being proactive and I am taking things into my own hands to try and keep from shedding like my cat. Here are a few things all of us can do to prevent extensive hair loss and cope with the natural seasonal shedding.



We are what we eat



As a basic rule, the way to help keep your hair healthy is to keep YOU healthy by eating clean. Try to incorporate fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and clean protein like eggs and chicken in your diet.



Foods rich in iron like spinach and dark green leaves, beans and cereals can help too. I am not a fan of supplements but if your life style doesn’t allow for clean eating maybe a good vitamin supplement is the way to go.


Go easy with that hair dryer



Don’t roll your eyes at me, please! Of course you know that the more you blow dry your hair the more likely it is to damage them. So keep it short and keep it on the low and you’ll get to keep your hair (no pun intended). After all there are plenty of easy hair styles and hair accessories out there that you can use without burning your hair off!





Add some jazz



Sometimes you got to go the extra mile and treat yourself with something special. Ether it is for a special occasion or just to boost your confidence after a harsh seasonal shedding, some small wigs may be just what the doctor ordered. 


 Divatress wigs are fun to use and you can experiment with the styles and lengths and jazz it up! Plus you get to change the color of your hair without harming them at all! 



Natural is best

I found from a personal experience that using an organic coconut oil as a conditioner works wonders to untangle your hair and save those that are violently pulled while trying to comb them after washing them. Commercial conditioners are full of chemicals that left my hair dull and oilier than ever, whereas coconut oil and in some occasion olive oil were much gentler.




 There is a vicious circle that involves the hair shedding and stress. You stress and your hair falls, and your hair falling is stressing you out. So, relax, do something that makes you happy! Do some yoga, crochet a hat, take a walk, read a book, talk to some friends. I know it’s easier said than done but try to keep calm.