Hello darlings, let’s talk about advent calendars. Do you know what an advent calendar is? Do you set one up when December comes? Or do you make one by yourself? I have some very talented friends that make a new advent calendar every year! Personally I’ve never had one as a child and so far I never made one for Natalia either. However this year I am making an Advent calendar of quality time with Natalia and here are my Advent calendar activity ideas for a toddler.

There’s a lot of argument behind the use of the advent calendar and how it’s not really a tradition but rather as a way to make kids expect more gifts and eat more sugar. I hear that and I also hear the opinion of those who set up the advent calendar as a long standing tradition.

Well, it’s not a tradition for my family but I decided to do a type of advent calendar this year for me and Natalia. But instead of treats and gifts I am just going to make an advent calendar of quality time with her.

We really don’t need any excuse to spend quality time together, we are together every hour of the day I am not at work. We go to the playground when the weather permits and stay at home when it rains. We have a long list of things to do with a toddler on a rainy day too. So, in essence we are not going to be changing many things in our routine. Just a few!

Advent calendar activity ideas for a toddler

1. We are going to a Christmas farm with lots of fun games and surprises.

2. We are going to spend time learning the Christmas carols

3. We are going to spend time singing Christmas songs from the top of our lungs!

4. We are baking sugar free cinnamon cookies together.

Sugar free cinnamon cookies recipe

5. We are doing a latin dance evening!

6. We are exploring the forest for leaves and mushrooms.

7. We are going to see a theater show for kids

8. We are making chocolate bars with IndigoHerbs kit

organic chocolate making kit 750g 1

9. We are going to make Christmas cards for our friends abroad

DIY Christmas card with crochet boat - Free pattern and tutorial

Advent calendar activity ideas for a toddler

10. We are going to a Christmas party

11. We are going on a tour to Pireaus with a hop on- hop off open bus

12. We are going to the city centre for window shopping

13. We are going to be making and decorating salt dough Christmas ornaments

14. We are reading Christmas stories

15. We are going to talk about what Christmas really is

16. We are going to donate our old clothes to kids in need

17. We are going for a walk with her grandparents

18. We are going for a play date with her cousin

19. We are baking Christmas dinner together

20. We are going on a Christmas carousel

21. We are solving a new puzzle together


22. We are doing mom and me yoga

23. We are going to take silly photos in front of the tree

24. We are going over all her baby photos

We are not going to be doing this in the order listed above. I am not even going to be making a countdown board with numbers on it. I am just writing this down to keep the promise.

What are you doing this year? Are you having an advent calendar and if so what kind?