I am utterly exhited abou this post you guys! After writing about the Montessori gardening party favors I made last year for my daughter's second birthday, I wanted to show you what I made for her birthday this year (before the whole year was through, lol). After considering making some macrame rainbows and rejecting the idea as too time consuming ( I needed to make 20 party favors) I decided on a very colorful and easy solution: Waldorf hand kites! So here it is: DIY Waldorf hand kite.

Note: If you don't know anything about Waldorf education I strongly advice you to read upon it. It's a wonderful educational system that promotes free play and creativity and like in the case of Montessori, there are a lot of points you could (and should) adopt from it.

DIY Waldorf hand kite

waldorf kite 6


Wooden rings. Mine were courtesy of IoannisSupplies on etsy. I got the 2 1/2 inch wooden rings which are a great size for little hands.

ribbons in the colors of the rainbow. You will need 2 meters from each color. I used dark blue, light blue, green, red, orange and yellow. If your kid(s)

a pair of scissors

a lighter

How to make your Waldorf hand kite

First you need to cut your ribbons. Take each color and bend it in half. Now pass the ribbon through the ring. 

 waldorf kite 5

Now take the two free ends of the ribbon and pass them though the loop at the top of the ribbon.

waldorf kite 4

Make sure the loop is tight. Now take one of the ends and pass it through the ring.

DIY Waldorf hand kite

waldorf kite 3


 You will now have each strand of the ribbon in opposite sides of the ring. 

waldorf kite 2


All is left to do is make an overhead knot and you are set!

waldorf kite 1

Repeat this for all the different ribbon colors until you have your rainbow! At the end of this procedure, gently burn the ends of the ribbon with your lighter to avoid fraying.

how to make a waldorf kite

The result is stunning!

What I did next for the 20 Waldorf hand kites I made was to put them into paper pags for gift giving to my daughter's friends.

I wrapped some of the length of the ribbons around the ring and placed it in the paper bag.

DIY Waldorf hand kite

party favors kite

I left the rest of the ribbons to hang freely out of the bag.

I used a stappler to close the sides of the bag and then glued a heart shaped paper to cover the stapples. 

how to make party favors

waldorf kite as party favors

All in all this is a very fast way to DIY Waldorf hand kite and use it as party favors. I think they make a great gift for little kids. They were very well received by my daughter's friends!

waldorf kite tutorial

It's also a very nice pride project since we just passed June which is pride month!

waldorf kite how to

For kids under 3 years of age I suggest cutting the ribbons shorter in order to avoid accidents. Small kids may put them around their neck so please act accordingly.

The Waldorf had kite is a nice toy that enables free play. Kids hold them in their hands and run free while holding the kite high behind them. They love to see the colors of the rainbow unfold! Just watch my friend's Maria daughter! She's so free and happy!

They can dance and watch the ribbon float, they can spin and watch the colors blend! Just let them play!

kite party favors

DIY waldorf kite party favors

waldorf kite how to