Home security is a top priority for many. No matter what city or area you live in, keeping your home and it’s contents protected is essential. One of the top ways to ensure when you are there and aren’t there you are guarded against break-ins, theft or unwanted activities like a fire is with a security system.

Benefits of A Security System

Does your home currently have a system installed? If so, if it is older, there can be many reasons to upgrade to a newer unit. Security systems have changed a lot over the years. While at first, they could only monitor doors opening when they shouldn’t be and alerting the authorities have significantly expanded. Now, homeowners can check on their houses from anywhere they want to use Wi-Fi connections and cellular monitoring.

Having a security system installed will undoubtedly give you and your family peace of mind. You can monitor the property, and be alerted of break-ins. If someone tries to enter your home at night, the authorities will still be called. In addition to these great benefits, you can reduce your homeowner’s insurance as well. Most companies will deduct for having a professional system in place. The more features you have, the greater the discount.

Top Features To Look For In Your New Security System

Whether you’ve been shopping around for a new system or a while or would finally like to replace your old unit, there are some features you should certainly look for. Alarm New England offers some of the most advanced systems on the market. Their products can not only provide top-notch home security but also give you added functions.

Visual Monitoring/ Outdoor Cameras

One of the best things to happen to residential security systems is being able to see real-time what is happening at your home. Though we have been able to video monitor for some time with things like CC-TV, it has become more affordable in recent years. This has allowed almost anyone that wants the ability to monitor their home with the use of an outdoor camera.

Remote Monitoring

While being able to record what happens at your property is excellent, getting a live, real-time feed is even better. This is one of those features that you should consider mandatory. If you didn’t have the function, you would miss it, or wish that you did. Let’s say you had an Amazon package dropped at your home. However, as of late packages have been going missing. With a real-time feed, you can make sure nothing happens to your package, and alert authorities faster if it does.

Temperature and Door Lock Control

This might sound on the gimmicky end, but being able to control your thermostat and door locks is another feature you’ll certainly want to consider. Have you ever left your home and thought, “Shoot, Did I remember to lock the doors?” With a smart home security system, you’ll never have to worry. Even if you are on a long road trip, three hours from your house, you can still check and lock if need be. You can also unlock if a guest has forgotten their key.

The thermostat feature is great for those trying to control their energy expenses. When working ten hours a day, and no one is home, why spend the extra money on heating and cooling? Being able to adjust the temperature of your home from your phone can save you a ton on your monthly energy bills.

Glass Breaking Detector

In addition to the doors being protected, having a glass breaking detector is a massive upgrade. Most criminals, if they think a home is protected, will avoid the doors. This action will trip the alarm. They will instead go for the glass. If you install an advanced system with glass breaking detection, you can be assured that there are no vulnerable areas.