Hello darlings!

So Natalia took me aside the other day and in all the seriousness of her 17 months of age told me that she feels left out of my gift guides. She said, “Mommy, you’ve written gift guides for everybody except me! What’s up with that?”

This post contains affiliate links which means that if you click through and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you, I’ll get pocket money to go yarn shopping. So you are feeding my yarn addiction. I knew you’d be a bad influence!

Then a few days later, the same thing happened with my cat. He put his foot on mine, looked me in the eyes and asked: “Did I do something wrong and you haven’t written any gift guides for me yet? Meow?”

When Nick came yesterday and more or less complained for the same thing, I realized that my family was trying to tell me something! (No! Really?)

So here is a 3 in 1 gift guide that could also be titled: 

What to get my family for Christmas.

Natalia is still very young to understand the meaning of Santa or Christmas but she is going to be getting a letter from Santa nevertheless.

I wanted to get her a teepee for some time now and I found these lovelies in a great brand: Teepeelicious has the most wonderful and cute teepees with a large variety of fabric choices!

Then, Natalia, as a woman, needs more than two pairs of shoes right? Our favorite brand is Robeez since they are soft soled and the best kind available to allow for the right feet development.

Since she likes all cute things like her mom, she’ll be getting one of these awesome watercolor drawings from DecorAsylum. I am partial to whales myself!

And since I am now too busy to make her a lot of hair accessories, I am going to be getting her some of these cuties from my friend Zina from EfZinCreations.

As for Nick, well I would really love to be able to buy him some time for him to do all the things that he has no time to do now but that’s impossible. So I got him the next best thing; a mini basketball game from Flying Tiger. He may not have time to play basketball with his friends but he play this game while he sits at his office at work! So I did buy him some time, right?

Speaking of time, what I would really love to buy to Nick is a luxury watch like the one below. There is this inherent value to these watches found at the Chronoexpert that makes them a perfect candidate for something to pass upon your kids and gran-kids. I love this one in particular due to is wonderful color.


As for Mini the cat, he’s going to be getting the royal treatment with a new cat bed. That's if I find the time to crochet it of course! 

If I don't find time, then there's is always amazon, right?

I would be a bad turtle mommy if I would to forget to get something for Honu and Lulu, my two turtles. They were the best kids this year and they didn’t even ask for anything! I see a new floating board in your future guys!

And since I am part of the family too I am going to be shopping for myself also. It’s going to be a hardship to choose one of the gorgeous science jewelry from but I’ll manage.

Oh and I really need one of these knit sweaters too from Plexida!

Ok, ok, ok, last thing I swear! But I can’t go without these amazing gold rings from Marren Jewelry! Come on, I am not asking for much, am I?

Lots of love