Hello darlings,

today I am hosting the 80th (!!!) Coffee and Chat here. A unique and fresh idea Zina had some years back and we have been "meeting" like this since the first one!

Photo by @pikeandkip on Instagram


There really are no rules for this game, just a few points to go by:


- This game/chat party is open to everyone, even if you are not a blogger. Use another social link if you wish or just join us for a chat!

- You may comment in Greek or English, no worries!

- Backlinks to your blog or social media are always welcome!

- Please comment on other people stories, after all this is a chat!

- You are not obligated to follow anyone, however it would be nice to visit the other blogs from the link party, after all it's socializing we are after!

- Feel free to suggest a question for a future game. We are friendly folks here ;)


I specifically asked Zina to host today's Coffee and Chat because I am in need of ideas so here's today's question: What's your favorite date idea?What do like doing most on a date night with your boyfriend/husband? Where do you go? What do you do?

Πως προτιμάτε να περνάτε τα βράδυα μαζί με τον καλό σας ή τον άντρα σας; Που πάτε; Πως διασκεδάζετε;


Ok, ok this is not one question but you get what I mean, don't you? I need date ideas guys, please help?


Also, don't forget to link up two of your posts regardless of topic, we'll read everything!

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Lot's of love