Hello darlings,
as a new mom and a very controlling person I need to make sure my child will have all the best chances for growing up to be a happy kid. Me and Nick read all the time before we make any decision for little Miss. It took us 2 months to decide on a baby carrier, double that time to decide on the mattress and about a MSc worth of scientific papers about vaccines! But I will not go into that, at least not now! We are also reading a lot about the cognitive development of our child and ways to help her be the best she can. I still have to read about the 3-6-9-12 rule and the Montessori method but I know for sure I want to delay her involvement with phones and tablets as much as possible. 

For now, since she is very young, we go for walks (or rather strolls) and she plays with the crochet octopus I made her. But later on, one of my goals as a mother who loves craft is to introduce her to all kids-friendly crafts. First of which is off course drawing and coloring.

As a person who struggles when it comes to drawing - not my best craft - I found this article by homesthetics magazine to be a godsend! I mean they make it look pretty easy don't they? Who'd thought that cartoon drawing could be so easy if you'd break it down to this steps?

Look at those wonderful flowers. Wouldn't it great if you could teach yourself and your kid to draw like that? I know Nick will be thrilled to try this for a series of youtube videos he's been meaning to make!


I am going to give the owls a try since we love them so I will be able to teach little miss when she comes of age, how to do it by herself!

There are ten easy tutorials on the abovementioned article. I am sure you'll find more than one that speaks to you and your kids! Let me know which ones you'll make!!!