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it’s not often that high fashion and crafty details come together without me having to step in and take matters into my own hands. And I’m not complaining! With little miss my hands are full and the sewing machine is stored in the craft room. 

This season, I’ve noticed one big trend emerging: Patchwork jeans, which is actually quite a throwback. Some of you might remember seeing a lot of patchwork denim in the ‘90s, and you can’t imagine that such an extreme trend can be back in style. Well, believe it! 

The runways were saturated with all kinds of throwback modifications to denim. No longer are casual skinny jeans taking over the market. Now, everything from wide-legged culottes to dramatic flares to dual-tone denim are all you’ll see; just consult the runway reports if you need some proof.



Fashion curators are picking all kinds of contrast-color jeans for this season, and they’re pairing them with simple tops like casual white tees. Although you can dress up these crafty jeans with cool mules or block heels, you can also keep it super casual and take advantage of the bohemian style they give off. Because of their relaxed and pieced-together vibe, a pair of casual kicks will definitely do the trick.

When it comes to patchwork jeans, the key to making them look modern is to mind that these jeans are quite the statement-makers. You don’t need to overdo it with additional accessories and showy clothing, because these pants pack a lot of punch as it is. How-to-wear articles say that for fall, you can polish up the look with a bomber jacket (among many other styling tricks).

Although it might be hard to get on board with this quirky new trend, once you do some site-searching to see how celebrities (like Kendall Jenner) wore it, you’ll have a lot more inspiration to work with. Kendall, for example, did a double-denim ensemble with silver metallic loafers and a Western-style belt. There are plenty of ways to play around with the patchwork look! Just remember to always infuse your own personal style into any trend you decide to take on, and you’ll never feel like you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

So, how will you wear the new patchwork jeans trend? Will you keep it simple and wear the denim with easy sneakers, or will you dress it up and choose some ‘70s block heels to add some height?


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