Decorating your home, and getting it just the way you like can be expensive. There is so much stuff to buy, and it doesn't help that the fashions change all the time. It means that you will constantly have to update things to stay on trend. In fact, it can all get a bit silly, and you can end up spending loads of money on things that aren't that useful or important. To be more sensible, but still stylish with your home decor, read on for some guidance about what you should spend on, and the things you can make savings with.


Save - Soft Furnishings

One thing you can save on, especially if you are a crafter, is your soft furnishings. You can craft quite a lot of or things like scatter cushions, table runners, and wall hangings. These sorts of items can cost you a lot of money if you buy them ready made. But they are essential as they add the finishing touches to your room. Happily, you don't have to pay through the nose for them if you make them yourself. Check out my guide here.


Spend - Furniture

 Things like living room furniture are something that you should actually spend money on. With this sort of item, you tend to get what you pay for. A coffee table may look like a bargain but after a while, the laminate might start to peel, or you'll find that it marks easily.


A problem that a lot of homeowners have is that it is tempting to go for cheapest items so you can change the entire look of the room at once. But all that means is that you will have to replace the entire look in one go when it's starts to look worn quickly.

 It actually a more sensible to invest in one good quality piece like a book shelf. Or, an entertainment unit, and then build up your collection over a period of time. As you are buying quality pieces, you don't need to worry about the items that you bought first looking aged by the time you get the next ones, as they will stand the test of time.


Save - Flooring

 Flooring is something that can end up being very expensive, especially if you choose a material like stone or hardwood. But, not all your floors have to be like that.

 You can actually save some serious money by only using the expensive type flooring materials in prime positions in your home. Save these for places like the living room and bedroom. Then you can use something that is cheaper and easier to replace in high use areas like the kitchen and bathroom.


Spend - Beds

 Beds are something that you should invest in. Don’t try and save here. The quality of your sleep is so important. It’s vital to the sort of day that you will have. It's also essential for your body’s renewing processes and staying healthy. So a comfortable and supportive bed is an essential item in your home.

 Buy the largest that you can fit in your bedroom, and splurge on the right sort of mattress and pillows to complete the set. A bed is a real investment in your quality of life, not just a luxury so don't get the ‘guilts’ for spending on this item.