Those wanting to bring a touch of luxury to their lives should start with the living room. This is the place where you spend the most downtime and so should be the place you feel most pampered. It’s also the place you’re most likely to show off to guests. Introduce a few of these luxury features and turn your living room into a sanctuary fit for a king.


Send in the professionals

For those really wanting to make an impact, nothing beats hiring professionals. There are many luxury interior designers that can cater your décor to the size, shape, age and character of your house. You may even be able to hire a home interior advisor. Of course, those with a tighter budget may prefer an entirely DIY approach.


Have a statement chair

Your choice of chairs can make a huge impact. Whilst a matching lounge suite can give your interior a symmetrical feel, swapping out the armchair for something quirky can give the room an exotic sense of personalisation. This could be anything from an antique rocking chair to an egg chair to a wool shag stool. A useful tip: contrast old furniture with something modern, or modern furniture with something old.


Embrace your arty side

Sterile flat screen TVs are often the focal point of people’s living rooms. Create a contrasting focal point by hanging a large piece of art on one of the walls. This can be anything you desire. Sculptures on mantelpieces and windows sills can also make a nice dramatic feature. You’ll immediately bring some culture and class to the room and feel like you’re somewhere more expensive.


Provide light and space

 When valuing properties, one thing real estate agents looks for is light and space. There’s no denying that it does make a dramatic impact on how luxurious a room feels. However, big your window is, you can let in more light by adding mirrors on an opposite wall. Keeping on top of clutter can meanwhile create more space. If you don’t want to get rid of stuff, find storage solutions to hide these items away. You can get creative with antique chests and sideboards, or by buying a sofa that doubles up as storage space.


Install a fireplace


Nothing shouts luxury – particularly in the cold winter months – like a warm fireplace. Of course, installing a full fireplace with a chimney is likely to be extortionate, perhaps not even practical. That said, there are now many artificial alternatives, which may not necessarily provide the heat but certainly have the same warm and comforting aesthetic (they’re certainly less messy than a real fireplace). Installing a gas fireplace may cost a little more but could provide you with the added extra of heat for warming your hands in the winter. Place an art piece or mirror over the fireplace to give it a complete feel.