Hello darlings! There’s nothing quite like settling down to watch a movie after a long hard day of work or play. Inviting over good friends, picking your favorite movies and drooling over the hottest A-listers while you chow down on freshly popped corn is probably one of the best ways to relax, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved on!


Check out these fun ideas to make your next movie night even more enjoyable:


Install a Home Movie Theater




If you’re watching movies on a plain old flat screen TV with no extra equipment, you’re just not doing it right. Call up your local home audio video installation company and have them wire you up some surround sound speakers for that authentic movie theater experience in your own home.


If you really want to take it to the next level, you could also consider purchasing your very own movie projector, which will allow you to show your most-loved movies right there on the wall, which is much bigger, and therefore better, than your TV screen!


Pimp Your Popcorn




Whether plain or coated with sugar, butter, and salt, popcorn tastes great, but you know what? It can taste even better. Coat it in white chocolate, add chili flakes and salt, toss in herbs and butter – the possibilities really are endless.


Get Comfortable




Movie night with your best friend is great, but movie night with a bunch if your best pals is even better. So, if your couch is small, invest in bean bags and floor pillows to ensure everyone has a prime spot from which to view the ensuing entertainment.


Print Movie Tickets




If you want to combine your love of crafting with your love of movie nights, why not design and print up your own movie tickets. Give them to your guests instead of invitations, and they’ll be really excited for the night. This idea is particularly good if you’re holding a low-key movie night party for your kid.


What Will It Be?



If you want to make the evening even more exciting, have all of your guests bring one or two of their favorite movies along (if you’re streaming, just write them down), place them all in a bag and have someone pick out the movie(s) that you will be watching. This is a great way to make everyone feel included, and it will expose you to more movies that you might not have considered watching before.


Match Your Movie and Your Snacks



Depending on what movie you’re watching this could be quite tough, but if, for example, you’re planning to watch Grease, buy lots of retro candies and Twinkies to set the scene, or if you’re planning to view Jiro Dreams of Sushi - you’ve guessed it – make sushi. It’ll make the experience much more fun.


Make Popcorn Boxes




Once you’ve worked out what movie-themed food to serve, why not get crafty and make your own vintage-inspired popcorn boxes or cones, which your guests can fill up with popcorn or any other food that’s on the table.


Try out a few of these suggestions, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Happy viewing!

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