Despite all the doom and gloom about the economy, the world is still getting richer. And for people who are in good jobs, this is excellent news. More growth means better pay and the chance to buy a home that’s fit for a queen. But when it comes to homes, what are people really looking for? What is it that they really want from a luxury home? Here we’re going to take a look at some of the features that are in demand right now.


All-You-Can-Eat Storage Space

Today’s luxury homes aren’t like the luxury homes of yesteryear. Rather than simply being a series of cavernous rooms to emphasize one’s wealth, they’re far more practical. In particular, people want storage space for all their stuff, usually clothing. That’s why wardrobe units are out, and walk-in wardrobes are in. People want a closet that’s separate to their bedroom where they can keep all their clothes and have enough space to try them on without having to take up space in the bedroom. Nothing looks worse than enormous cabinets lining one entire side of the room, which is partly why the idea of a walk-in closet has become so incredibly popular.


Walk-in wardrobes aren’t like the cupboard under the stairs. In luxury homes, they’re just as much a room as the ensuite bathroom or the dining room. They’re a room with a purpose and one that will be used a lot, which is why they’re adorned with the same decorative finesse as any other room in the house. It’s not uncommon for luxury walk-in closets to have chandeliers and bay windows to maximizing brightness and reduce claustrophobia.


The Gym

 One of the reasons so many people miss out on the gym isn’t because they’re unmotivated - it’s because they simply don’t have time in their schedule to make the journey to and from the gym across town. A gym session might only take 45 minutes, but the journey could be easily double that at peak times.

 Home gyms are all the rage right now. They solve the problem of sitting for hours in traffic and mean that homeowners can just slip out of bed and immediately hit the gym, in their pajamas if they want. It’s worth noting that gym equipment is surprisingly expensive, but totally worth it if you want the convenience of having your own gymnasium in your home. You’ll want a cross-trainer, a dumb bell stack, a bench press and a squat rack for the big movements.


 A Top Location

 Every time there is a new property launch, real estate agents emphasize the location. The reason for this has to do with people’s desire to live on their own little patch of paradise. A home could have all the amenities in the world, but if it doesn’t have a great view or is in an area with a lot of crime, then it won’t sell for much. Ideally, most people want luxury homes that have their own separate plot of land, well away from the rest of the community. Others like to live in the city and are in the market for townhouse homebuilding. If you take a look at the homes of the people who are super successful, they are often surrounded by trees or the sole home overlooking a lake. A great location helps people to relax and really enjoy their environment without having to worry about burglaries or nightmare neighbors.

Outdoor Living Facilities


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Luxury homes might be large, but for many buyers, big still isn’t big enough. They don’t just want to live in their homes: they want their property to offer a high standard of living outside too. Not only are they demanding outdoor pools, but they also want facilities to cook and entertain right there in the garden. Outdoor kitchens are all the rage right now, thanks to the fact that they allow homeowners to entertain their guests while cooking a meal without having to run inside all the time to check on the cooking. Many people simply enjoy the process of cooking in the open air, regardless of whether they have guests or not. Being in nature is something the top brass want more of.


A Decked Out Kitchen And Wine Cellar

When Queen Elizabeth the first of England traveled around the country, visiting various country estates, the owners of those estates always put on a feast. They wanted to show that they were wealthy and could afford to give the Queen the best meals possible. The same is true today. Luxury homes aren’t really luxury homes unless they’re well stocked. This means having a wine cellar full of vintage wine as well as a refrigerator stocked with lots of food.

 When it comes to kitchens, there’s also been a trend toward commercial grade facilities. Wealthy homeowners don’t just want regular residential appliances: they want commercial appliances that will last and are able to cater for large groups of people.

 Lots Of High Technology

The home technology market is growing at a rapid rate, thanks to both WiFi and the growth of clever assistants. Amazon Echo, powered by the AI assistant Alexa, is transforming home living, responding to user voice commands. In the 21st century, you really can have a home that feels a bit like the Enterprise from Star Trek. If you want Alexa to tell you the weather for the day, she’ll tell you the weather. If you want her to dim the lights, she’ll dim the lights. If you want her to summarize abstracts from a journal you follow, she’ll do that too.


Today, there is a whole ecosystem of wireless devices you could install in your home. These include things that control the temperature, the lighting, and the front door.


Plenty Of Character

Finally, luxury homeowners aren’t just looking for homes with ample square footage. They also want houses that have character: something that makes them interesting. Of course, the home doesn’t have to be old to have a personality - it just needs to be a little different. Grand entrances and marble walkways are a great way to spice up a home and make it feel more luxurious.