Hello lovely people

Some time ago I made a DIY lamp vase tutorial and I really enjoyed having that vase around the house.

Today I am going to show you an easy DIY for a painted version of the lamp vase. If you have a burned lamp and a nail polish you don’t use (I bet you have more than one!!!) you can recycle them into a cute little vase in less than one hour.


What you’ll need

A burned lamp

Nail polish (any color would do)


 Tweezers / Tongs / Pliers




Precision blade


Small round stickers (or any stickers you have or just tape)




What to do

First off take you lamp and make sure it’s clean. Use a cotton fabric to clean it.

Then take your precision blade and place it on the round metal ring that lies first in the end of the metal lamp screw. Apply a gentle force to bend it slightly towards you.


Then use a pair of pliers or tweezers to firmly grab this bended edge and slowly try to remove it from the lamp. Notice that the black material underneath it is actually glass.



Take a screwdriver or your pliers and break the black glass. The tricky part is to avoid breaking the lamp itself. Take your time if you want to succeed. 


When you finish it should look like this.


With the help of the screwdriver and the pliers try to break the inside glass parts of the lamp. Use the pliers to grab any small metal wires you can find and gently pull the out of the lamp.


When everything is out the hard part is over! It’s time for happy dancing!



Ok, here comes the artistic part! You can do whatever you like to make the vase beautiful!


First of take a piece of tape and place it just underneath the metal screw of the lamp.





I then used some leftover gold round gold stickers and placed them on random parts of the lamp. I used both my perforators to make smaller and larger holes in the sticker to make a design.

Then take your nail polish and go wild! Paint the surface of the lamp and pay attention to the surface between the stickers and the lamp.


 Leave the polish to dry for about 15-20 minutes.

With your precision blade slowly detach the tape and the stickers.


Optional: If you want you can apply a second coat of transparent polish over the lamp. You should leave it dry for about 15-20 minutes before you touch it.

And you are done!

The vase is ready to fill with water and flowers. I used freesias from my balcony; no surprises there.




In order to get it to stand I used a small piece of white tac, you know the white sticky thing that comes in blue color too and we used to put in our walls to hang posters with? That's the one!

Another idea is to use some wire around the metal screw of the lamp and make a hanging vase like the one shown here.



Hope you make nice vases and have some fun while you’re at it!