The financial crisis here in Greece is unfortunately well established and has been analysed to death! We've all been victims of this situation (although many of us will argue on the term "victims") but we've somehow managed to make do with it. In the midst of this thing, many of our friends and relatives have decided to sell their houses and seek cheaper solutions for their housing.


If you're about to put your home on the market, make sure it is viewing ready by following these tips. The right decor can help people to visualise their own lives in your home, and help you to secure a sale.


So you've decided to sell your house!  You've had a look at a few online sites, showing properties local to you like Jezzards Estate Agents, and you feel ready to take the plunge! Or are you? First of all, make sure that you banish all clutter. That's right as much as you love your ceramic frog collection, the new buyers might not. They may hate it! Make sure all your ornaments, knickknacks, and all of those things you don't have a home for are out of sight before any viewers come round.


Clutter can be off-putting for prospective buyers. What they're looking for is a blank canvas so they can see their own lives fitting into the house. They can't do this if it is already full of your stuff. So as painful as it is, get some boxes, label them up and get those bits and bobs packed away! Look at it this way it will increase the likelihood that you will sell your home, and you already have some of your stuff packed. Bonus!

Shabby Chic

The Shabby Chic trend is still going strong at the moment. But there is a difference between the style and just having a shabby house! That's right if you have peeling paint, dirty ceilings,  mouldy window frames, or patchy carpet, now is the time to do something about it! Yes, I know it seems counterintuitive because you are planning to leave this house, but you don't have to spend a lot of money to get the house up to scratch. Just think of it from a buyer's perspective.  If you walked into a house with dirty carpets and lots of things that need doing, you wouldn't want to put a full price offer in, would you?  So off you pop to the shops to get a couple of tins of paint, some brushes and a carpet cleaner and get your home ‘shipshape and Bristol fashion!’

Go for neutrals

Okay, so you decided you are going to paint the walls, as they could do with a bit of a brighten up before any buyers pop round to have a look. Good, but remember this is the time to step away from the dark or garish coloured paint. That's right; neutral colours like these are the way to go if you are trying to sell your house. Think of neutral walls as a transitional phase. It's the transition of you letting go of the house as yours and giving other people a chance to see the house as their home. Anything that is too personal to you might not fit the items, prospective buyers have and will put them off. So remember having neutral colours will increase your chance of a sale.


Now, I've never sold a house and to be totally honest I can't really imagine doing so with the one I own. It was build by my late grandfather and my dad and I was born and raised in it. Me and Nick have shed a lot of sweat to renovate and we still work on it from time to time. However, if I was moving away or if I was obliged to sell I know it would be quite difficult. If you are faced with such a decision, I sympathize and wish you best of luck!!!