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At some point, if you want to increase the value of your property, you have to consider changing or updating something. Perhaps, your home already looks old, and a little refreshing would do wonders. House renovations have been quite popular lately as it allows a homeowner to perk up their property and change it to better accommodate your lifestyle and needs. Therefore, if you are one of those who are thinking of doing a house makeover, here are some environmentally friendly renovations for you.






1. Opt for High Quality Insulation

Your property needs renovations and scheduled maintenance so you might as well add insulation to the list. If you really want to save, while being environmentally friendly at the same time, you should be willing to invest in high quality insulation. The better your home is insulated, the more you will be protected from various elements. During winter, your home would stay warm, allowing you to use the heaters less. While in summer, rest assured that you would still have a cool environment.



2. Switch to LED


Although CFLs are more economical than incandescent bulbs, LED lights are still the most cost-effective choice among them. With LED lighting, you will be able to reduce the amount of energy used throughout the renovation project, especially if you have been working late at night on a constant basis. Additionally, LED consumes 75% less electricity than the standard light bulbs, and they are known to last longer. 




That being said, you should also consider installing LED bulbs in every room, for you to enjoy its benefits even more.




3. Welcome the Sunshine!

For the past few years, more and more homeowners are starting to use solar energy panels. Not only are they eco-friendly, they are also a great way to lower down your energy bills. Solar panels and skylights have been proven to keep the energy costs down and you can use them to heat up a home, and give enough power for small items.




4. Pay Attention to Your Flooring

Are you aware that there are some types of flooring that could contaminate the air you breathe inside the house? This is often caused by VOCs used during manufacture. As much as possible, opt for natural-fiber carpets and linoleum, because these materials are not only durable, they also come from natural sources. For instance, the cork utilized when making linoleum is taken from a cork tree without killing it. For carpet-type flooring, it is usually made of grass. 




Whatever type of flooring you end up choosing, make sure that you air out your house after installation, especially if adhesives have been used.







5. Install Vapor Barriers

As long as they are installed correctly, vapor barriers are effective in promoting indoor air quality as it stops moisture and pollutants from getting in. Aside from that, vapor barriers also reduce drafts, which means your energy consumption would also be reduced.




6. Consider the Use of Rubber Mulch

For your landscape, it is ideal to use rubber mulch instead of the traditional ones. Rubber mulch is made up of 100% recycled tires, and so, it is perfect for landscapes. Not just that, there are also a number of benefits that can be enjoyed. It offers a safe play surface for children, does not attract insects, and you do not have to worry about weeds growing.





7. Repurposed Furniture Is In

If you really want to save mother earth, then you should be willing to repurpose old furniture instead of throwing it away. By doing so, you will be able to save a couple of trees, and divert waste from landfills.





8. Utilize Energy Star Windows

Energy efficient windows that are labeled as Energy Star Windows are more efficient than traditional windows. These windows would allow you to save energy while being environmentally friendly at the same time.





9. The Smaller, the Better

Practicality wise, a small home built with eco-friendly techniques is better than a large, luxurious home. Just think about it, a house that is too large would have to use more for heating and cooling. It is also hard to maintain a large place. So, if you have not started building your dream home just yet, better plan it wisely.





During a home renovation, we should not only focus on what looks good, but we should also pay attention on how to make our home environmentally friendly. By doing so, not only will we be able to save the environment, we can also enjoy lower energy costs and an environment safe for our family.



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